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Jana Fanck

Jana Fanck


27 Years

Candidate for: Repetition & Regular Election

My name is Jana and I would be happy to represent you again in the StuPa in the next term of office. Since the beginning of my studies I have been working in university groups for a more sustainable campus. I had to realize that although the mood in the student body has become more and more environmentally conscious and "greener" in recent years, the KIT seems to have little ambition to not only do what is necessary (legally and from a marketing point of view) in terms of climate and environmental protection, but to courageously take on a pioneering role. This contradiction between the actions of the university as an institution and the will of the students as their largest interest group finally brought me to university politics. In the StuPa, I want to make the voice of the students heard and contribute to the KIT of the future in terms of design. The path to this goal must be characterized by a determined fight against any kind of discrimination and a transformation of the study program, which must recognize students as more than just pure "learning machines". Curricula and the campus should promote the physical and mental health of students and staff and leave room for (political) volunteer work.