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Wilhelm Altemeier

Wilhelm Altemeier


30 Years

Candidate for: Repetition & Regular Election

I am Will, I study computer science at the KIT and at the age of 30 I am probably in an older semester. However, I think that retiring sluggishly because of this would be the completely wrong approach in these times. Especially in times of climate emergency, in which numerous populists worldwide are swinging the sceptre in the wrong direction, I consider political commitment more than ever to be indispensable and would like to give a voice to those who see it the same way. In general, as a Jakarta-born German citizen, I stand for more cultural exchange, equal opportunities and a real change in climate policy and digitalisation. Furthermore I am especially here on campus for more participation, autonomy and influence of the student body as well as against any form of yesterday's politics. With the Volt party I have joined a modern idea for Europe, which I would like to promote in the sense of a better networking of our continent. Since I agree with the GAHG in all points, I have decided to join this list in order to accompany and participate in this change on site at KIT.