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Dear Students,
Dear Supporters,

as Grün-Alternative Liste we are representing you in the KIT Student Parliament (StuPa) for the second time. We're happy, you voted 6 representatives of Grün-Alternative Liste into StuPa. If you are interested in the StuPa and its functions, you'll find information on the AStA webpage.

In the past term of office, we have been involved in implementing the climate emergency in the student body, with a focus on a sustainable transformation of our university cafeteria/Mensa. You can find the resolutions of the StuPa here. In this term of office we'd like to take a stand for these and other topics, as well. Who we are and what we'd like to achieve, you can find out below in our goals and presentations.

News about our university policy work can be found on Instagram and Facebook. You can also send us an email to

Our Goals


The student body must become climate neutral as soon as possible. This is not only due to the climate emergency declared last year, but also to our responsibility towards our fellow human beings and future generations. We are not satisfied with the relatively small effect of this measure, but we as students are pushing to accelerate the process of climate neutralization at KIT considerably. Important factors for achieving this are:
Mobility: Making driving obsolete by means of a bicycle-friendly campus and good public transport connections. Decarbonize business trips.
Cafeteria & Living: Avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions through regional, seasonal, and preferably vegetarian/vegan offers. Reduction of (plastic) waste. Energy-efficient building and renovation.
Energy Supply: Climate-neutral power and heat supply for all KIT campuses.
Divestment: Consideration of sustainability in re-evaluation and taking of investment decisions.
Environmental and climate protection must not be put off any longer. Our university should not only create knowledge, but also react to it consistently and courageously.

Colorful Campus

Green is not enough for us, we give our best for a colorful campus where everyone feels comfortable and valued, regardless of gender, sexual orientation/identity, course of study, origin or disability. In addition to respectful interaction, this also includes a pleasant, appropriate learning environment, where you can and want to chill with friends between or after lectures. The cultural offerings of AKK and university groups are just as indispensable to that end as university sports and the Unifest.

Equal Opportunities

The fundamental right to education is essential to prevent existing inequalities in society from being perpetuated. It must not be denied to financially disadvantaged students by tuition fees or insufficient affordable housing. We also support the solidarity-based emergency aid of the student body (Notlagenhilfe) to ensure that short-term financial shortages cannot force any of our fellow students to drop out of their studies.

Volunteer Work

We consider it essential that students at universities are not treated like underage children who need to be looked after, but as partners on an equal footing. This requires a clearly legitimized student body with the goal of fully exploiting the opportunities for participation, for example in university committees. University groups also offer an environment for valuable study elements such as self-discovery and interdisciplinary exchange. The basic prerequisite for this are realistic curricula with which extracurricular activities can be compatible. Everyone should be able to afford student involvement without having the standard period of study or the landlord breathing down their neck.


We see great opportunities in digitalization at universities, for example in terms of transparent research and paper savings. It is, however, indispensable for our university to weigh up the benefits, to become active in design and not to more or less stumble behind technological developments, as was recently observed in the Corona crisis. This is the only way to ensure that digitalization does not exclude anyone and that concerns such as data protection and security are not neglected.

How we stand to all 33 Wahlomat theses can be found here.

Who we are

We are a diverse and dedicated list. Read in the brief introductions on file what our candidates are particularly interested in.

About GAL and gahg

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The Grün-Alternative Liste was newly founded for the StuPa election 2019. Many of our candidates have been active in the field of sustainability, environmental and climate protection for some time. We work closely with the Grün-Alternative Hochschulgruppe and see ourselves as their university policy division. gahg/GAL are members of Campusgrün, the association of green-alternative university clubs in Germany.